Parents and children have unique relationships. They are unlike any other relationships experienced in a lifetime. But, as with other relational ties, it’s just as easy to succumb to pitfalls and setbacks with your children too. Being able to effectively build a positive relationship with your child will benefit both of you for the rest of your lives.

No matter how old they might be, it’s never too late to strengthen your bond and build a solid connection.

Thankfully, it’s easier than you might think. If you’re willing to put in the time, effort, and patience, your positive relationship with your child can become stronger than ever.

1. Be Their Ultimate Support System

If your child can turn to you for support in good times and bad, who else do they have? It’s important to make sure they know that you’re there for them no matter what the situation may be. You’re on their team. You’re on their side. They should never be afraid to tell you anything or come to you with any setback.

2. Guide them in a Positive Direction

We all make mistakes, so it’s unfair to expect your children to be perfect. The mistakes they make should, instead, be learning experiences. The good news is you get to be the one to turn these experiences into something positive.

If your child slips up, makes a mistake, or does something wrong, don’t spend a lot of time criticizing them for their bad behavior. Instead, use it as an opportunity to guide them down a more positive path for the future.

3. Build a One-on-One Relationship

It can be easier to build a stronger relationship with your child when they don’t have any siblings. But, what if there’s more than one child in the picture? Make time for each of your children individually.

This includes more than just talking with them for a few minutes each day. Schedule special one-on-one outings. Or, have a certain activity that only you and a specific child get to do. By doing this with each of your children, you’re strengthening those individual bonds.

4. Be Present

Sometimes, your child doesn’t need anything from you except to be there and be present. Everyone has a busy schedule nowadays. Whether it’s work, a social life, taking care of other children, etc., it’s not uncommon to get distracted.

But, if you can make time for your child without those distractions, and simply be there for them during the simplest moments, it could make a huge difference. This could be something as small as sitting down with your child while they play with their favorite toy, or taking fifteen minutes to read them a book.

You don’t need to necessarily teach and guide your child every moment of every day. Sometimes the best lessons they can learn simply come from your undivided attention.

5. Treat them with Respect

People have different opinions on whether you should consider your child your friend. You don’t necessarily need to be your little one’s best friend in order to treat them like one. While it’s important to still teach, guide, and reprimand when necessary, parents can quickly and easily go overboard on these things.

Instead, think about each situation with your child as you might with a friend. How would you respond to the friend? By responding to your child in the same way, you could help to diffuse a stressful situation. Your child will feel more respected, and yes – it’s an easier way to help them toward a more positive relationship with you!

As you can see, building a positive relationship with your child doesn’t have to be hard.

Most of all, keep in mind that your child wants to model their behaviors after you; it’s in their nature. So, be empathetic, supportive, and authentic in your actions toward them. As a result, they’ll put all of their trust in you. That makes for an unbreakable bond.

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