Alexis Bleich, LMSW, MA


Alexis BleichAlexis is a licensed master of social work specializing in child, adolescent and young adult psychotherapy. She earned a bachelor’s in urban studies from Stanford University and a master’s in elementary education from Teacher’s College at Columbia University and master’s in social work from New York University.

Alexis has over fifteen years experience working with children, teens, and families in New York City public and private schools and in mainstream and special education settings. She has worked with parents and children in individual sessions as well as in groups with a goal of helping children to build skills to tackle academic, social, and emotional challenges at home and in school. In her work with families, Alexis aims to help parents deepen their understanding of their children and how to parent them most effectively.

Alexis has run many groups with children and teens focused on a wide array of topics including: social and interpersonal skills, emotional regulation, anxiety, growth mindset, sexuality and health education, gender identity, and the role and use of technology and social media.

Alexis has also worked as a consultant and coach for teachers in their work to create classroom spaces that are inclusive and effective as well as with parents in determining the appropriate fit for their child at school.


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