ADHD: Why It’s Important Not to Jump to Conclusions

Recently ADHD has become such a normal part of our everyday lives that it is quite common for the term to be thrown around as part of our everyday conversation, often in the context of describing our need to be constantly multitasking or our absent-mindedness and inability to focus or stay still or present. In [...]

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The Anxious Elementary Student: An Executive Function Connection

Editor’s note: We are thrilled to feature guest blogger Jackie Hebert of where a version of this article was published.  Students in elementary school often have good reason to feel anxious. Whether it’s taking tests in class, handling unexpected changes in a schedule, or remembering to take their materials home or to school, young students have [...]

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Homework Headaches? How to Stop the Power Struggles Before They Start

There are plenty of old stereotypes that go along with kids not wanting to do their homework. Unfortunately, many of these stereotypes ring true, causing headache-inducing power struggles between parents and students every evening.

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