The Anxious Elementary Student: An Executive Function Connection

Editor’s note: We are thrilled to feature guest blogger Jackie Hebert of where a version of this article was published.  Students in elementary school often have good reason to feel anxious. Whether it’s taking tests in class, handling unexpected changes in a schedule, or remembering to take their materials home or to school, young students have [...]

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Music And Literacy: How Playing And Listening Can Help Your Child

We are thrilled to present a guest post from Charles Carpenter. Charles created He believes in the power of music and sound as a healing tool. He is based in San Antonio, Texas. Over the years, more and more parents have found the benefits of music education for their children. Not only does learning to [...]

School Supplies: Scott Forsythe, Teen Founder of Dyslexic Kids

Welcome to the back to school issue of School Supplies! We hope you and your family enjoyed the holiday season and are looking forward to a fulfilling and productive 2014. It has been some time since the last installment, during which we have been busy with the growth of our Cope With School Child and [...]

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School Supplies: A PhD Student Speaks About His Learning Differences, Part 2

Welcome to the first 2011 issue of the School Supplies Newsletter. I hope the New Year has been a happy and fulfilling one for you and your family so far. I am thankful for all the feedback I received about the last newsletter and my web site. Keep it coming! This year I have introduced [...]

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School Supplies: A PhD Student Speaks About His Learning Differences, Part 1

I am thrilled to present the first installment of School Supplies. Just in time for the beginning of the school year, School Supplies, together with, will address a wide range of school-related topics for children, teens and parents. The school year started late for many students this year in New York City, as the [...]

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