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Finding a Therapist for Your Child: Consideration and What to Expect

First Steps in Finding a Therapist Mental and emotional health is a lifelong journey whose path we do not always discuss at home or with friends. Searching for mental health support can be daunting. Stigmas and reactions rooted in the fear of the unknown can hinder a loved one’s experience in their healing process, or [...]

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How To Discuss The Events in Ukraine With Your Child (From a Child Therapist)

As I was cooking pasta to distract myself from the latest international news, if just for a few hours, I looked back at my 16-month-old grandson and wondered what I would say to him if he were even slightly aware of the tragedy taking place in Ukraine at this time. How would I explain the [...]

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Exercises to Help Your Child Concentrate

Our guest blog is brought to you by It first appeared on their site. The mission of Energetic Juniors is to bridge the gap between kids’ physical abilities and their future aspirations. We want to help them find physical outlets that will help them transition into traditional sports and activities. From the most sedentary [...]

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Talking to Children About Current World Events: Tips for Parents

Addressing the Anxiety Among Us All: Tips for Parents on Talking to Children of All Ages About Current World Events Current world events including the impact of Covid-19, the many protests against racism and police brutality sparked by the documented murder of George Floyd by a police officer who suffocated him by resting his knee on [...]

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Back to School: When? Where? Why?-HOW?!

Even as some states reduce restrictions and reopen businesses and as some stores, such as Target, begin announcing their “Back to School” Sales, the number of cases of the Covid-19 Coronavirus continue to soar leaving a wake of uncertainty and anxiety as the wave of infections surge across the country and world, leaving our nation [...]

By |2020-10-16T17:35:26+00:00August 8th, 2020|Francis Lora, LCSW-R, Parenting|0 Comments

Surviving “Homeschooling” During a Pandemic: Survival Tips to Keep on Thriving

Whether you call it “homeschooling”, “remote learning”, “distance learning” or “virtual learning”, Covid-19 (coronavirus) has brought education back to the home as the main modality turning parents into teachers and transforming all of our lives forever practically overnight. So now what? Now that many parents have been thrust into a forced career change, we all have [...]

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Talking to Kids about the Coronavirus

Talking to Kids About Coronavirus The current coronavirus pandemic is causing anxiety and significant life changes throughout the world. Information about the virus can be confusing, overwhelming and scary. Talking to kids about coronavirus, what’s being done to combat it and how all the changes around us are affecting our lives is crucial in helping [...]

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Autism By the Numbers: Facts, Figures, and Frequently Asked Questions Answered!

It’s often said, “There are lies... Damn lies...and Statistics!”  This is true in most fields, certainly within quantitative research where data is analyzed and then used to produce the statistics that we use to learn about different phenomena and eventually use to push whatever agenda. Autism is no different! Statistically speaking, you’re bound to know [...]

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Keeping Your Child Safe on Social Media

Today, most teens and tweens use some form of social media and have an account on a social media platform. While it used to be just Facebook and Instagram, today there is Snapchat, Twitter and the latest fan favorite - Tik Tok. Social media does have benefits for young people in that it provides a [...]

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Great Books To Help Kids Understand Feelings

Bibliotherapy, or the use of books as a therapeutic intervention, can be used very effectively to support children in understanding and processing their feelings and emotional experiences. Books can be used at home by parents and loved ones, in the therapy setting and at school by educators in the classroom. Many children and families already [...]

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