No More Nagging! How to Motivate Kids More & Aggravate Them Less

School is back in session for many kids, and starting up again soon for others. Thus, effectively finding ways to motivate kids may be on your mind. While its true that giving your kids a nudge can help in almost every aspect of their life, sometimes it can feel easier said than done. Unfortunately, if you [...]

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7 Ways to Build a Strong Parent-Teacher Partnership

Building a parent-teacher partnership is beneficial in many ways. Most of all, it makes it easier to communicate with your child’s teacher and get a real sense of what’s going on in the classroom. The biggest benefit, though, is for your child. If you’re willing to form a parent-teacher partnership, both of you will be on [...]

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Is Your Child Shy or Suffering Social Anxiety? How You Can Help

Many parents overlook social anxiety in their child because they think they’re just shy or reserved. In reality, social anxiety is much more serious than shyness. Thus, it’s important to understand the signs and know what you can do to help your child interact confidently and build healthy relationships. For the sake of clarity, there are [...]

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Your Teen Wants to Work: The Pros & Cons of an After-school Job

As your teen gets older, it’s normal for them to want to start making their own money. As their parent, you might even encourage it! They can sta As your teen gets older, it’s normal for them to want to start making their own money. As their parent, you might even encourage it! They can [...]

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7 Positive Ways to Encourage Your Child to Pursue Their Interests After School

Encouraging your child to be who they are is actually one of the biggest learning resources you can provide. Everyone learns differently and has interests in different things. By encouraging the pursuit of those interests, even after school, you’re setting your child up for a lifetime of greater success. Unfortunately, academics don’t often allow our [...]

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Music And Literacy: How Playing And Listening Can Help Your Child

We are thrilled to present a guest post from Charles Carpenter. Charles created He believes in the power of music and sound as a healing tool. He is based in San Antonio, Texas. Over the years, more and more parents have found the benefits of music education for their children. Not only does learning to [...]

5 Things You Can Do to Build a Positive Relationship with Your Child

Parents and children have unique relationships. They are unlike any other relationships experienced in a lifetime. But, as with other relational ties, it’s just as easy to succumb to pitfalls and setbacks with your children too. Being able to effectively build a positive relationship with your child will benefit both of you for the rest of [...]

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How to Manage Summer Screen Time & Encourage Offline Fun

As the school year neared its end, your kids' daydreams likely turned to summer fun and endless hours of…screen time. No thoughts of tree climbing and fort building? No plans for bike rides and impromptu picnics? No swings, soccer, and Frisbee at the park? Well, not so much. More than likely, their ideal summer includes hours left [...]

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When It’s Time to Talk About Suicide with Your Teen

14-year-old Celeste binged watched the second season of 13 Reasons Why as soon as school was out. Her mom had given her permission, saying she wanted to talk about suicide, the show, and her thoughts later. But they never got around to it. A few weeks later, they both watched the big screen at home, not [...]

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How to Let Summer Boredom Work for You and Your Kids

Some kids played their summer boredom card the weekend after school let out. Most can hold off a month or so before drifting around the house, calling you at work, or begging for another video game, sport, or activity to rescue them. And some make it until after the Fourth of July before spiraling down into sad [...]

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