What Did You Know, Notice, and Need? 7 School Year Reflections for Kids

Summer is calling. And the idea of school year reflections can be difficult for students who are eager to leave long days inside, tough classroom challenges, and the structure of school relationships behind. So, to get to anything meaningful, you may need some help reminding them that it’s important to take a bit of time [...]

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School Refusal: What is it and How to Help Your Child

Is your child or teen refusing to go to school? Are mornings in your home a constant struggle due to school anxiety? Have you received calls from your child’s school that your child is skipping classes or school altogether? Does he or she struggle with depression, anxiety or a social or learning issue that is [...]

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A Safe and Accessible Home: Advice for Disabled Parents

This post comes to us from Ashley Taylor from disabledparents.org. The site offers many useful resources on planning and preparing for parenthood as parents with disabilities. Check it out!   Safety and ready access to all parts of the home are essential for the more than 56 million Americans with disabilities. The importance of safety and accessibility [...]

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Guest Blog Post from Dadsolo

This guest post comes to us from Daniel Sherwin of dadsolo.com. Daniel is a single dad to a 9 year old daughter and a 6 year old son. On his blog, Daniel shares helpful tips for single parents, including how to practice self-care (an important lesson for any parent), managing morning routines, easy recipes and much [...]

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How Mindfulness Can Help Your Child In and Out of School

From the time that children are small, most parents are aware of their responsibilities for teaching children good habits. Parents encourage their children to brush their teeth, pick up their toys, make healthier food choices, do their homework, and get daily exercise. Our hope is that the skills they learn early on will follow them [...]

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