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Do you have a teen with autism spectrum disorder?

Does he or she want to make or keep friends, but lacks social skills?

Is he or she teased or bullied at school?

Does he or she struggle with appropriate boundaries?

Would he or she like to have get-togethers with peers, but is never invited or does not know how to initiate?

Would you like to learn how to support your teen by reinforcing the skills he or she learns in group?

The Connections Program at Cope With School NYC is a comprehensive social skills training program for teens in high school who have difficulty making or keeping friends. Parents and teens meet separately for 90 minutes each week over a 14 week period. At the end of each session, parents and teens come together to briefly discuss the new skills and the homework assignments for the next week. Both the teen and parent groups will be facilitated by licensed clinicians with years of experience working with teens on the autism spectrum and their parents.

The group targets skills such as how to have a conversation. Members will learn to enter, sustain and exit a discussion. Tools for successful phone communication and electronic interaction (texting, social media, emailing) will be explored. Group members will learn how to choose friends, cope with rejection, teasing and bullying. Your teen will become more adept at handling arguments with friends, using humor and more.

In the parallel parent group, you will learn new techniques to coach your teen around the social skills he or she is working on in group. From week one, you will receive hands-on strategies you can use to support your teen in developing and maintaining new friendships.

In each teen session, a new lesson is presented. The group will then practice the new skills by role playing or engaging in other activities or games. Homework assignments are given each week to allow your teen to practice the new material. For example, group members will call each other and have a conversation in between sessions.

There is limited availability in the Connections Program. If the group is full or already in session, we will have a waiting list for the next group.

To see if this group would be a good fit for your teen, call us at 212-362-0528 or click here. There is a 10 minute phone screening and an initial meeting with each teen and his or her parent to discuss the group.

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