Counseling In Schools

The Covid-19 pandemic has brought with it a mental health crisis, affecting our children, teens and their families in numerous ways: socially, emotionally and academically. Many students are reeling from the uncertainty in the world and some from the loss of loved ones. Many students have felt disconnected, overwhelmed, anxious and depressed. Children and teens are lagging academically and socially after being isolated for such an extended period. The effects of the pandemic will be felt for some time and students will require significant support to see them through. Teachers and administration at many schools are struggling to meet the emotional needs of their students. Cope With School NYC counseling in schools services can support your NYC school community in a number of ways.

How we can help:

Cope With School NYC is a team of dedicated and highly trained child, adolescent and adult psychotherapists. We specialize in helping individuals thrive in and out of school. Our therapists have vast experience in the areas of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), learning differences, autism spectrum disorder (ASD), bullying, anxiety, depression, loss and bereavement, trauma, family conflicts, social challenges and more.    

counseling in schools

As licensed mental health providers in your school we can provide:

  • Assessment
  • Ongoing counseling to students
  • Parent/Guardian outreach 
  • Support for teachers and staff
  • Coping skills strategies
  • Connection to community resources/referrals as indicated 
  • Help in decreasing disciplinary problems
  • Increased awareness about mental health 
  • Conflict resolution
  • Professional development/workshops for staff
  • Helping students express feelings in a productive way


Cope With School NYC can provide licensed mental health providers specializing in child and adolescent counseling. The in-school clinician will reach out to parents/guardians to form relationships, gather relevant history, provide psycho-education and obtain consent for treatment. We will partner with teachers, administrators and any other involved providers to identify who would benefit from help. We will be present and visible in the school as a resource for students and teachers to come to for support.

counseling in schools

Our NYC in-school support services include:

➡️ Counseling in schools- Individual and Group

➡️ Workshops and trainings for staff and administration on social-emotional issues (In-person or virtual)

➡️ Custom talks for PTA

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