Elizabeth Rincon, LMSW


Elizabeth Rincon
Elizabeth Rincon is a licensed master in social work (LMSW) experienced in working with children, adolescents, and families. She earned a bachelor’s in Political Science from Northeastern University and a master’s in social work, from New York University. Elizabeth’s clinical skills were developed while practicing individual, family, and group therapy at various settings, such as community based outpatient clinics and school-based mental health clinics. While practicing in outpatient settings, Elizabeth provided individual therapy with children and adults and did group work with adults struggling with depression. While practicing in school based mental health clinics, Elizabeth provided children and adolescents with individual and family therapy; often working with students experiencing symptoms of social-emotional distress, academic difficulties, and history of trauma.

Elizabeth has run groups with elementary students transitioning into middle school; groups with middle school students struggling with social and interpersonal challenges; and groups with high school students struggling with symptoms related to anxiety and depression as well as academic difficulties.

Elizabeth is an experienced consultant and trainer, providing guidance and support to school administrators and support staff on identifying mental health needs among students, conducting clinical assessments, and linkages to referrals.

Elizabeth approaches her work with a culturally sensitive and trauma informed lens. Elizabeth is an active listener and she strives to create a safe holding environment where patients feel heard and understood. Treatment is tailored to the unique needs of each child and their families.


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