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Does your teen have difficulty making or keeping friends?

Does he or she suffer from low self-esteem?

Have trouble fitting in at school?

Does he or she withdraw and avoid interacting with peers?

Is he or she a target of bullies?

Does he or she have difficulty expressing thoughts and feelings in an age-appropriate manner?

Would he or she like to develop new strategies to help manage stress?

The Cope With School NYC High School Groups can help members develop social skills, stress management techniques and build self-esteem. Members speak about common teen concerns, such as dealing with conflicts at home and school, peer pressure, bullying, dating, independence, motivation, problem solving, coping with stress and more. Members also discuss living with ADHD, learning differences, anxiety and depression and adjustments to difficult life changes.

The group provides a safe and confidential environment for your teen to speak about issues that may be difficult to speak about with friends or family members. Having a space to relate and connect face-to-face with peers is ever so important in this day and age of isolating technology. New members can join at any time, provided that there is room. We keep groups small to ensure that all members may receive optimal attention and opportunity to participate in group discussions.

Members can attend group as a stand-alone or in conjunction with individual therapy, depending on the need of the individual. If a group member is working with a therapist or psychiatrist outside of Cope With School NYC, we can collaborate.

All Cope With School NYC groups at Cope With School NYC are led by licensed child therapists and meet weekly via our secure online platform. 

To schedule a group consultation or for more information, please call us at 212-362-0528 or

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