Joey Underberg, PD, MHC-LP


Joey Underberg is a Mental Health Counselor (LP) specializing in toddlers, children, adolescents and teens. He been working for the past ten years in a multitude of environments, including schools, testing facilities, clinical settings and foster care agencies. Joey has played many roles in these settings ranging from teacher, behavior management paraprofessional, school psychologist and psychotherapist.

Joey earned his bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Syracuse University and his Masters in School Psychology (PD) and Mental Health Counseling from Fordham University. Prior to obtaining his degree in Mental Health Counseling, Joey earned his Professional Diploma in School Psychology, in which he followed the therapeutic interventions masters track. In his training, he honed his skills in evidence based practices in schools as well as in private therapy. These two programs allowed Joey to gain an extensive knowledge of schools (DOE, Special Education, and Private), psychoeducational testing, neuropsychological testing, and the processes of an IEP/CSE meeting. Joey has been able to give or observe many of the testing materials children would see in an evaluation, which can help parents gain a better overall knowledge of the tests and their often confusing results. This knowledge is also helpful in the event that parents need assistance in reading or interpreting a psychological report from an evaluation or school. Joey’s knowledge and skills can also assist in bridging the gap between parents, schools and an outside provider like a therapist.

Joey customizes treatment to the specific needs of each client. He strives to help clients learn about themselves and feel comfortable with the world and issues that they are currently facing or may face. Joey meets regularly with parents to discuss concerns and to collaborate with them in the treatment of their child. He uses many techniques to allow children to explore and become more independent. He also aims to help children gain the ability to work on any issues they may face in school, at home, or in any other aspect of their lives. Joey has provided many types of services including basic reinforcement techniques, behavioral therapy, psychological testing, group therapy, social skill groups, individual therapy and play therapy.



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