Mady Kaplan, LCSW-R


Mady Kaplan, LCSW-R

Mady Kaplan LCSW-R has over twenty years of experience working with children and families. She has experience in individual and group psychotherapy for children and adolescents in both private and public settings.  She facilitates groups for parents, dyadic groups with parent and child/adolescent, as well as parent coaching with younger children in play therapy.

After graduating with her MSW with a specialization in children and families, Mady completed a postgraduate fellowship at the Jewish Board of Family and Children’s Services, receiving a certification in Early Childhood Group Therapy. This early experience demonstrated how essential and effective therapeutic intervention can be for those children who struggle in school, and that social emotional and communication learning can be nurtured. In working with children who have fundamental gaps in areas of development, understanding their unique individual profile, their specific strengths and challenges, is an integral piece to comprehensive assessment and for the treatment itself.

At the core of Mady’s practice is building trusting relationships; this is what drives the motor of development and also motivates deeper engagement. Within the partnership we create, we work collaboratively on the capacity to problem solve, to manage emotions through symbolic thinking and play and to develop self -reflective capacities. Learning ways to communicate effectively, to self- advocate and feel a sense of competence and control further promotes a positive sense of self.

Increasingly, Mady sees children and teenagers experiencing issues with anxiety, depression, with social isolation and an ongoing confusion with the world.  The world has, in many ways, become unpredictable. Navigating the normal stages of growth and life experiences are impacted.  Going to school and what that looks like is ever changing.  While coping with the rollercoaster of social emotional and hormonal and biological changes they may be going through, young children as well as middle and high schoolers, Mady works with are contending with intense, ongoing  and very different kinds of stressors than ever before. Supporting these kids, individually and in groups, continues to challenge and inspire her.