Online middle school boys group for social skillsDoes the pandemic have your child feeling isolated or down?

Does he feel disconnected from peers?

Does he avoid interacting with friends?

Does he have low self-worth?

Does he have difficulty expressing his thoughts and feelings or managing everyday stress?


Our online social skills groups can help your child:

➡️ Build Connection

➡️ Learn skills to make new friends and develop closer relationships

➡️ Increase confidence

➡️ Cope with stressful situations


Online middle school boys group for social skills


The Cope With School NYC Online Middle School Boys Groups can help your middle school age son (ages 11-14) work on social skills, stress management and building self-esteem. It addresses the issues members bring to group in a supportive and engaging manner through facilitated discussion and cooperative online game play. Topics include: dealing with conflicts at home and school, peer pressure, bullying, coping with learning differences, ADHD, low motivation, anxiety and depression, problem solving and more.

Our online social skills groups provide safe, nurturing and confidential environments for tweens and teens to grow socially and emotionally. We keep groups small to ensure that all members may receive optimal attention and opportunity to participate in group discussions.

The Cope With School NYC Middle School Boys Group meets weekly via our secure online platform.


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