3 boys smiling with backpacksDoes your child struggle to keep or maintain friendships?

Does he have trouble fitting in at school?

Does he avoid interacting with peers?

Is he a target of bullies?

Does he have low self-worth?

Does he have difficulty expressing his thoughts and feelings or managing everyday stress?

The Cope With School NYC Middle School Boys Group focuses on social skills, stress management and building self-esteem. It addresses the issues members bring to group in a supportive and engaging manner through facilitated discussion and cooperative game play. Topics include: dealing with conflicts at home and school, peer pressure, bullying, coping with learning differences, ADHD, low motivation, anxiety and depression, problem solving and more.

The group provides a safe, nurturing and confidential environment for your tween or teen to grow socially and emotionally. New members can join at any time, provided that there is room. We keep groups small to ensure that all members may receive optimal attention and opportunity to participate in group discussions.

The Cope With School NYC Middle School Boys Group is led by Ari Fox, LCSW-R and meets weekly in our Manhattan UWS offices at 124 West 79th Street.

To schedule a group consultation or for more information, please call us at 212-362-0528 or click here .

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