For kids ages 11-14 who find it difficult to make or keep friends.   

Middle School Social Skills Group

Connections Group (In-Person): Ages 11-14

A group for middle schoolers who are ready to go from isolated and disconnected to engaged and socially confident. 

Does your middle schooler struggle to make appropriate connections with peers? 

Middle school social skills group

Do they have trouble initiating or maintaining healthy friendships? 

Have you noticed that they have trouble communicating their thoughts or feelings to you or others? 

Does your middle schooler tend to miss or misinterpret non-verbal cues?

Are you worried about their ability to navigate social situations on their own?  

Do you wish your tween would get invited to spend time with friends more often?

Do you feel that your tween relies too heavily on technology as their means of communication?

Cope With School NYC’s Middle School Connections group can help your child learn valuable skills such as:

➡️ Initiating conversation

➡️ Finding common ground with others

➡️ Using communication technology appropriately

➡️ Expressing emotions

➡️ Reading non-verbal cues

➡️ Navigating interpersonal conflict or uncomfortable situations

Middle School Social Skills Group

The Cope With School NYC Connections group for middle schoolers can help your struggling tween to build confidence around peer interactions by teaching social skills as well as verbal and non-verbal communication techniques.  This group will foster positive social interactions with facilitated group discussion and skill building activities.  Your child will learn to identify feelings, communicate their needs and “read the room,” all while having fun. They will build essential foundations of communication and form meaningful connection with peers.  

Our groups provide a safe, nurturing environment for tweens and teens to grow socially and emotionally.  We keep groups small to ensure that all members may receive optimal attention and the opportunity to participate in group discussion. All groups are led by a licensed child therapist. The Connections group will meet weekly at our brand new UWS Manhattan offices (26 West 74th Street). 

The cost per group session is $100 with a one-time group intake/consultation session ($250).

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