For tweens and young teens who are ready to go from insecure and disconnected to confident and self-assured!                                      

Middle School Girls Group

Middle School Girls Group (In-Person): Ages 11-14

A group for female-identifying tweens and young teens who are struggling with the “in between” of middle school life. 


Is your tween having trouble navigating the responsibilities of independence while still feeling like they’re being treated like a child?  

Are they self doubting?

Are they struggling with taking responsibility for their school work?

Are they having trouble managing their time between school, homework, friends and extracurricular activities? 

Are you worried that your child is disconnecting from you?

Are you worried about their ability to navigate their social life on their own?

Do you think your child has difficulty managing relationships?

Do you feel your child is able to carry on conversations with peers without the use of technology? 

Our middle school girls group can help your child:

➡️ Feel confident about their voice and place in the world

➡️ Learn how to reflect and process emotions in a group setting with peers

➡️ Explore healthy body image 

➡️ Develop coping skills to manage interpersonal conflicts  and reduce stress

Middle School Girls Group

 The Cope with School NYC Middle school girls group will help your middle schooler learn communication skills to best manage their emotions and conflicts in their lives, both at home and with peers.  Your child will learn positive language and coping skills that can be added to their personal toolkit for use in any challenging situation they encounter.  Our groups provide a safe, nurturing environment for tweens and teens to grow socially and emotionally.  We keep groups small to ensure that all members may receive optimal attention and the opportunity to participate in group discussion. All groups are led by a licensed child therapist. The middle school girls group will meet weekly at our brand new UWS Manhattan offices (26 West 74th Street). 

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