Cope With School NYC Mission Statement

Cope With School NYC is a team of diverse, experienced and dedicated psychotherapists. We help children, teens and young adults thrive in and out of school. Our practice provides individual therapy, group therapy and support to families in the New York Metro Area and throughout all of New York State.

We collaborate with schools, professional organizations, non-profits, and other interested constituents of the community to offer on-site school counseling, programming, workshops and trainings. We aim to provide mindful and effective services to students and parents. Additionally, we share resources and insights through blogs and social media.

Cope With School NYC provides our clients with compassionate, personalized and trauma-informed care. We believe that it is essential to foster a safe and secure space that is welcoming to all. Cope With School NYC is committed to social justice, anti-racism and reducing the stigma of mental illness. We are affirming of all backgrounds and identities and strive for an environment in which individuals may learn to express emotions, explore their identities and be themselves.

We also value the importance of a beautiful and serene setting in which to heal. A rarity in Manhattan, Cope With School NYC has dedicated outdoor space, complete with a garden for our clients to enjoy and even help grow.