Online Therapy For Kids And Teens

Online therapy for kids and teens

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Due to COVID-19, kids, teens and their parents are struggling to manage with the “new normal.” 

The change was sudden and the adjustment has not been easy for many families.

➡️ Family dynamics are strained.

➡️ Kids miss their friends, their routines, the lives they knew pre-COVID-19. 

➡️ Parents feel stressed, overwhelmed and are having trouble managing their own work demands while overseeing their children’s needs. 

➡️ Distance learning can be challenging and frustrating.

➡️ Behaviors you haven’t seen in some time may be resurfacing. 

➡️ Kids and parents are anxious about family members that are sick with COVID-19 or worry that they may become sick.

➡️ Students in transition years feel robbed of the typical pleasures that come with these milestone times : no senior trips, no proms, no graduations, no award ceremonies.

➡️ Seniors are unable to spend time with their friends before leaving for college and it is hard to find closure.

➡️ Isolation may be contributing to anxiety or depression

➡️ The great uncertainty in our lives can be so difficult to manage right now.

Our team of experienced child therapists is here to help with secure online therapy for kids, teens and parents.

Online therapy for kids and teens 

During this difficult time, online therapy for kids and teens can help your child:

  • Process and label feelings 
  • Learn effective coping strategies
  • Feel connected
  • Regain a sense of hope and positivity
  • Find a semblance of control in a time that often feels uncontrollable


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Online therapy for kids and teens 

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We are here for your family online during the COVID-19 crisis and we will be here to support you back in our NYC offices as soon as it is safe to return. Our child and adolescent therapists are licensed to provide online therapy to anyone in New York or New Jersey.

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