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How to Survive the High School Application Process

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High School Admissions in NYC Featuring Advice from Actual Applicants!   The high school application process in New York City can be overwhelming, stressful, competitive and confusing for students and their families! But, have no fear, we’re here to help! The following are some tips to help your family through the process, guided by advice [...]

The Anxious Elementary Student: An Executive Function Connection

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Editor’s note: We are thrilled to feature guest blogger Jackie Hebert of where a version of this article was published.  Students in elementary school often have good reason to feel anxious. Whether it’s taking tests in class, handling unexpected changes in a schedule, or remembering to take their materials home or to school, young students have [...]

Feeling Anxious About Going Away to College?

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With the last few weeks of summer rolling in, many young adults are beginning to feel anxious, nervous and worried in anticipation of the upcoming transition to college right around the corner. Soon, many of them will be packing their bags and leaving home to start the next chapter of their lives – college. And while [...]

Coping With the Back to School Blues: Tips for Students and Families

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The beginning of the year brings up a range of feelings for students of all ages. There is the promise of a fresh start: new notebooks, pencils and crayons, different teachers and classmates. Some kids are eager to see old friends they have not seen all summer and catch up on their new experiences. Students [...]

Great Books To Help Kids Understand Feelings

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Bibliotherapy, or the use of books as a therapeutic intervention, can be used very effectively to support children in understanding and processing their feelings and emotional experiences. Books can be used at home by parents and loved ones, in the therapy setting and at school by educators in the classroom. Many children and families already [...]

Having Fun and Learning: Affordable Ways to Get Your Kid Started on a Hobby

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We are pleased to bring you another guest post from Charles Carpenter at Charles discusses ways to help your child find productive, fun and self-confidence boosting outlets. Thank you, Charles for the helpful resource! ************************ Hobbies are great ways for kids to learn while having fun doing something they really enjoy. Children gain a [...]

Summer Camp Confidence: How to Apply Your Kids’ New Skills When School Starts

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Summer Camp Confidence Thousands of kids go to summer camp each year and learn fascinating new skills. When you think of camp, things like archery and swimming probably come to mind. While most camps do revolve around physical activity, there’s so much more to them than that. Many summer camps focus on building relationships through [...]

No More Nagging! How to Motivate Kids More & Aggravate Them Less

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School is back in session for many kids, and starting up again soon for others. Thus, effectively finding ways to motivate kids may be on your mind. While its true that giving your kids a nudge can help in almost every aspect of their life, sometimes it can feel easier said than done. Unfortunately, if you [...]

7 Ways to Build a Strong Parent-Teacher Partnership

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Building a parent-teacher partnership is beneficial in many ways. Most of all, it makes it easier to communicate with your child’s teacher and get a real sense of what’s going on in the classroom. The biggest benefit, though, is for your child. If you’re willing to form a parent-teacher partnership, both of you will be on [...]