Summer Camp Confidence

Thousands of kids go to summer camp each year and learn fascinating new skills. When you think of camp, things like archery and swimming probably come to mind.

While most camps do revolve around physical activity, there’s so much more to them than that. Many summer camps focus on building relationships through trust and honesty. They also tend to help kids build confidence and self-esteem.

Things like perseverance, teamwork, and even social skills are also strengthened when your a child goes away to camp. Life skills play a huge role in summer camps across the country.

Thankfully, those skills don’t have to disappear just because school is starting up again. Think of the start of the school year as a clean slate for your child. They can apply their newly-learned skills to make it the most successful year of school yet.

Leadership Skills and Teamwork

Your child will learn to both be part of a team and how to be a leader at camp. They’ll have to work with others to complete certain activities. This could be something as simple as cleaning up their cabin. Or, they could have to solve a puzzle or figure out an obstacle course.

Everyone has their own strengths and weaknesses. As a child learns to develop his or her own strengths, they can also rely on the strengths of their friends/teammates to help get the job done. This is a great skill to use in school for group projects, as part of a sports team, etc.

Independence is also an important skill that develops at camp. First, your child will be away on their own for a period of time. Simply being away from home can give them a sense of independence.

They may be scared or homesick at first. But, once they realize they can get through it and have things to complete every day, it can help to build their sense of independence.

Being independent in school can increase your child’s motivation. They’ll be more inclined to step into leadership roles, which can help them to be successful later on in life.

Resilience and Courage

Unfortunately, school is sometimes a tough environment for children. Whether they’ve been victims of bullying or they have other struggles, it isn’t always easy.

Skills like resilience and courage are built up all the time in summer camp. Children experience and try new things they may not otherwise have the chance to. They also build up self-esteem and confidence.

Taking those skills into the school year can make it easier on any child, no matter what their circumstances might be. Instead of hanging their head and accepting the hard situations, they can hold their head high and bounce back.

Summer Camp Skills Last a Lifetime

There are so many additional summer camp skills we could talk about. They’re all important, and they can all have an extremely positive impact on your child’s life.

Camp is about more than just having fun all the time. Underneath all of that fun, children actually learn a lot. These skills become a part of them. With continued encouragement after camp, they can continue to grow those skills and strengthen them throughout life.

As you might expect, these new skills don’t stop when school ends. They are a great foundation for college, or when your child eventually enters the workforce.

If your child went to summer camp this year, talk to them about some of the things they learned. Then, be sure to encourage some of those skills throughout the school year. In doing so, you’ll help them stay confident and their heads held high. Those are skills we all can use!