For female-identifying teens who are ready to go from disconnected, self-doubting and insecure to confident, connected and assertive!                                      

Teen girls group

High School Girls Group (In-Person): Ages 15-18


Teen girls group

Is your teen daughter struggling with the pressures of everyday life?

Does she feel lonely and anxious about social interaction?

Would she benefit from a safe and supportive space to discuss:

➡️ Conflicts at home and school

➡️ Body image

➡️ Motivation

➡️ Interpersonal relationships and dating

➡️ Strategies to cope with anxiety and depression

➡️ Academic pressure

➡️ Bullying

➡️ Time management and self-care

Our high school teen girls group can help your child:

? Improve self-confidence

? Develop a healthy body image and embrace love of self

? Deepen friendships and improve interpersonal skills

? Reduce isolation 

? Foster lifelong coping skills to help reduce anxiety and depression 

? Learn to be more assertive about her wants ands and needs


teen girls group

Group therapy can be life-changing for teens. Participating in a group can help reduce isolation, improve problem-solving, encourage self-discovery and so much more.

 The Cope with School NYC teen girls group will help your teen learn communication skills to best manage their emotions and conflicts in their lives, both at home and with peers.  Your child will learn positive language and coping skills that can be added to their personal toolkit for use in any challenging situation they encounter.  Our groups provide a safe, nurturing environment for teens to grow socially and emotionally.  We keep groups small to ensure that all members may receive optimal attention and the opportunity to participate in group discussions. All groups are led by a licensed child therapist. The teen girls group will meet weekly at our brand new UWS Manhattan offices (26 West 74th Street). 

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