“Seeing Ari Fox has had a very positive impact on our son. Ari is open to discussing whatever is bothering our son and he has offered many concrete strategies for handling the tensions that have arisen between our son and his schoolmates. We have seen significant progress as shown in higher self esteem and lower anxiety. Our son has formed a strong bond with Ari and feels that Ari is an advocate as well as an ally. In our own meetings with Ari we have been very impressed with how well he knows and appreciates our son’s character. Ari has a profound sense of human nature and a natural and practical therapeutic style. Indeed, he stands out because there is absolutely nothing studied or academic, distant or authoritarian about him. He has been great at helping our son and, compared to other therapists we considered, he is in a class by himself.

-Father of a 10 year old.

Ari has been more than a kind, patient and relatable therapist for our struggling 12-year-old son with ADD. One time recently, our son bounded out of Ari’s office, and practically raced home to do his homework, a task that often overwhelms him. This was because Ari had mapped out a simple, yet detailed schedule for him, which included all the work he needed to complete, necessary breaks, and even a bit of computer fun. It was a winning strategyfor that evening. At other times, I see how our son comes away from a session feeling lighter and less burdened. Ari validates his feelings, so important, especially for someone like our son. In our son’s own words, ‘Ari is patient. He listens to me. So many grownups don’t want to listen to kids like me, but Ari does.

-Mother of a 12 year old.

“I have known Ari Fox as a trusted colleague for many years. He is a bright, talented, therapist with expertise in treating children and adults of all ages. I recommend him highly for his ability to connect with clients, his humor, wisdom, and effectiveness.”

Joseph Markowicz, LCSW-R

Julia is nothing less than AMAZING. Her warm spirit, bubbly energy and supportive ways go far and beyond her call of duty as a Social Worker. I’ve witnessed Julia, Ms. Simmons, guide an all-girls group in order to encourage and promote self-awareness and to empower female bonding. To date, those group of girls, including my daughter embody those skills into their Middle School experiences. Julia embraces all Social Work ethics as she, so effortlessly, continues to help to empower those who need it the most!”

–Mother of an Elementary school student.

“My son has been diagnosed with Opposition Defiant Disorder and ADHD. After two years of being in the wrong school, he was unable to smoothly transition to the new (and appropriate) school. He would just lay down and refuse to attend classes and he would not attempt homework at all. Ari has been an important part of our team approach to get my son cheerful about school and engaging in class work. The school put the right people in place on-site but it has been very critical that my child has had a male authority figure who is outside the school setting. My son has been working with Ari for more than a year now and he has vastly improved his outlook and his behavior. Ari has a calm and relaxed personal manner that is genuine. My child trusts Ari. But what is important to me is that my son has someone who can support him emotionally and also model positive behavior. Ari’s gentle positive suggestions are a good counter to my son’s less thoughtful impulses. This fall, when all the teachers changed, Ari was an important consistent part of my son’s life so there were almost no transition issues at school.”

-Mother of a 15 year old.

“Having worked with Ari for many years, I can say with the utmost confidence that he is a caring, well-trained, and practical therapist who helps his patients through a variety of personal and interpersonal struggles and challenges. He is just that type of therapist that I would want a close friend or family member to be treated by.”

Joseph Cousin, M.D.

Julia Simmons has a gift with students. Her ability to see them and their needs is unique. After working with Julia, students have a deeper understanding of themselves, their emotions, and their needs and are able to communicate them clearly and confidently. Thanks to Julia Simmons’ talent and dedication, my students had their social and emotional needs met quickly and confidently. I cannot recommend her enough! I give her my full recommendation!”

– Bonnie Grubbs, Educator & Colleague

Ari is a thoughtful and educated therapist who not only makes every effort to understand the child’s concerns, but to understand the child’s parents’ views on what is happening. This allows Ari to work better with the parent to help the child with whatever she or he is facing.”

-Father of an 8 year old.

“Ari was recommended to us by another mother. Our 5 year old daughter was struggling with some behavioral problems. From the moment she met Ari she bonded, felt at ease and really opened up to discuss her feelings. Ari has worked with her teacher and we have seen an amazing transformation. My daughter has been able to learn useful strategies to be able to deal with her issues.”

-Mother of a 5 year old.

“Julia was a colleague of mine for five years and our teachers, kids and families miss her. Julia is an incredibly hard-working and compassionate therapist. She builds authentic relationships with kids and families and because of her genuine care for them, they loved working with her. She makes everyone feel at ease and handles even the most difficult situations calmly and effectively so that her clients always feel supported.

-Jared Weir, Teacher, Achievement First 

“I have known Ari Fox, L.C.S.W. for many years. Mr. Fox is an intelligent, talented, conscientious, and ethical professional.”

-Robert Gaines, Ph.D.

“Ari Fox has worked with several of my students who struggle with learning and social challenges. I recommend him without hesitation. Just the other day, a student came up to me and exclaimed, “thanks to Ari I don’t have meltdowns in class anymore!”

Jessica Petro, MA

“Seeing Julia Simmons has had a very positive impact on our daughter even after all of these years. Ms. Simmons was always open to discussing whatever was bothering our daughter and she offered many concrete strategies for handling the tensions such as mantras and breathing techniques. Whenever issues would arise between our daughter and her schoolmates Ms. Simmons would encourage her to always recite the mantras and do her breathing techniques to calm herself down. And because of her help we saw significant progress from our daughter who was always having disagreements with classmates. Our daughter began to display higher self-esteem and lower anxiety. Our daughter began to form a strong bond with Ms. Simmons and saw her as an advocate as well as an ally. She was great at helping our daughter!”

-Mother of a 13-year-old.

“I have worked professionally with Ari Fox for over 14 years and have witnessed firsthand his serious and caring attitude that he brings to the treatment of the children he works with. He has an ability to connect to the child on his/her own level while at the same time is able to understand how a parent is feeling. This is what makes him so effective. His practice, Cope With School NYC, is comprised of a highly trained and compassionate group of therapists who provide individual and group therapy.”

-Owen Mazon, LCSW