For kids ages 8-10 who want to make and keep friends!

Social Skills Group for children

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Does your child want to make more friends or deepen existing friendships?

Do they have trouble fitting in?

Do they avoid interacting with peers?

Are they a target of bullies?

Are they shy or anxious in social situations?

Do they tend to miss nonverbal cues?

Do you worry that your child is lonely?

Does it pain you to see your child excluded from birthday parties and playdates?

Do you wish your child could be more flexible or have fewer meltdowns?

Why helping children to develop social skills at a young age is essential:

→ Learning new skills and behavior is more difficult in adulthood after the brain is fully formed.

→ Developing interpersonal skills is crucial not just for nurturing friendships and avoiding isolation, but for thriving in the workplace.

→ Loneliness is a major risk factor for depression.

→ Social isolation can exacerbate symptoms of chronic illness, including cardiovascular disease.*

→ Absence of social connection can impact healthy brain function.**

→ Children who receive social support are more likely to report a sense of mastery and greater ability to deal with stress.

The Buddy Up Group at Cope With School NYC Can Help!

social skills group

This group helps children Ages 8-10: 

→ Foster age-appropriate connections

→ Learn to make and keep friends

→ Become better listeners

→ Develop flexibility

→ Practice problem solving skills

→ Negotiate conflict

→ Work on managing and expressing emotions

→ Improve frustration tolerance 

→ Build self-confidence

→ Deal with bullies

→ Recognize nonverbal signals and respect personal space

All while having fun!

It can be a great relief for parents and caretakers to know that social skills can indeed be taught and that children can form deep and meaningful friendships even if it has been challenging for them previously.

Imagine seeing your child:

→ Laugh and play happily with their friends

→ Wake up for school without dread

→ Able to stand up to bullies

→ Go to playdates and be invited to birthday parties

→ Express thoughts and feelings more productively

→ Become more flexible 

→ Feel more confident and less anxious in social situations

Hi, I am Angela Mora, LMSW. I help kids learn to make and keep friends and to feel more confident!

Angela Mora, LMSW

The Buddy Up Group at Cope With School NYC meets weekly at our brand new UWS Manhattan offices (26 West 74th Street). All of our groups are led by experienced licensed child therapists.

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