I have known Ari Fox as a trusted colleague for many years. He is a bright, talented, therapist with expertise in treating children and adults of all ages. I recommend him highly for his ability to connect with clients, his humor, wisdom, and effectiveness.
Joseph Markowicz, LCSW-R
Having worked with Ari for many years, I can say with the utmost confidence that he is a caring, well-trained, and practical therapist who helps his patients through a variety of personal and interpersonal struggles and challenges. He is just that type of therapist that I would want a close friend or family member to be treated by.
Joseph Cousin, M.D
I have known Ari Fox, L.C.S.W. for many years. Mr. Fox is an intelligent, talented, conscientious, and ethical professional.
Robert Gaines, Ph.D.
Ari Fox has worked with several of my students who struggle with learning and social challenges. I recommend him without hesitation. Just the other day, a student came up to me and exclaimed, “thanks to Ari I don’t have meltdowns in class anymore!”
Jessica Petro, MA

I have worked professionally with Ari Fox for over 14 years and have witnessed firsthand his serious and caring attitude that he brings to the treatment of the children he works with. He has an ability to connect to the child on his/her own level while at the same time is able to understand how a parent is feeling. This is what makes him so effective. His practice, Cope With School NYC, is comprised of a highly trained and compassionate group of therapists who provide individual and group therapy.

Owen Mazon, LCSW

I was fortunate to have Melissa as a teammate for many years. It was a joy to witness a child’s journey throughout their time with her. She is keenly aware that children of all age groups are aware of their surroundings and need outlets to process what they are experiencing. Melissa is adept at building a safe space with a child and giving them multiple avenues of self-expression. By the end of their time with her, growth is always evident. I have observed children able to utilize tools for self-regulation and communicate what they are feeling.

Angelica V.

One of the smartest things I have ever done was to hire Melissa to work with  the youth and families of our Uptown community center. Melissa’s humanness is palpable and feeds her innate ability to garner trust and foster therapeutic alliances with children, their families, and stakeholders. Melissa  brings humility and compassion to her work with others: understanding that everyone’s struggles and triumphs can look vastly different, (and yet worthy of the same support.) Melissa’s warm demeanor and relational approach fosters a safe space for sharing.  I’ve witnessed her gift of guiding clients to express core needs and explore best next steps in a way that their self confidence and feelings of support grow as a result of her interventions.

Earl S.

I had the privilege of working with Melissa and observing her in action. She has such a calm and caring demeanor, and I saw how it helped facilitate honest and authentic interactions with all the people she worked with, whether it be colleagues or the children she was teaching. Melissa also has an unwavering curiosity and genuine warmth of interest that keeps her on a wide-open path of always learning and reaching for connection. Perhaps most importantly, Melissa holds a deep reverence and respect for human beings, be it the individual person she is facing, or all of humanity.

Indigo O.